The Bride Possessed

This will be the extended pilot version that I will be reviewing.

The narrator gives his first introduction. He talks about Edgar Cayce. He also talks about how they had a hard time deciding which story to present first.

He talks some more about the show in general. Then the episode moves into the standard opening with him talking about 'a matter of human record.'

The episode starts with a wedding party.

The husband and wife.

They're driving from the party and suddenly the bride starts to act odd. She talks about turning left a short distance ahead and there will be pretty scenery, but she's never been in that area at all.

She keeps describing the turns and things they will see.

Suddenly she acts like she doesn't know who her own husband is. Then she gets in the car and takes off even though she supposed has no idea how to drive.

She drives to a house.

The husband has gone to the police for help. They find the house that Sally, the guy's wife, is in, and the policeman says that no one lives there, that the girl who had lived there committed suicide by jumping from a place called Eagle's Point, a place that Sally seemed to know about. Sally suddenly appears and says that she did not jump, that she was murdered. They then take her to a medical clinic.

She identifies herself as the woman who had died, supplying details of her life. She even identifies the man who murdered her. She even supplies details unknown to anyone else, details that the doctor checked and found out were true.

She keeps identifying herself as the murdered woman.

Sally calls the woman's mother.

The mother comes to the clinic and, of course, doesn't recognize Sally.

Sally escapes from the clinic.

She digs up the object the woman had been murdered with.

When they get back to the clinic, Sally is herself again.

The narrator says that the guy who murdered the woman confessed to what he had done.

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