The Vision

Episode 10, originally airing on March 24, 1959

This story concerns a WWI event that took place on November 14, 1915. It concerned something that was seen at first by four soldiers and then eventually by thousands of soldiers from different countries and at different locations.

There are four French soldiers on a mission to destroy a German mortar site.

They see a light in the sky that they think at first is a flare on a parachute but it just stays there. The soldiers watch it and three of them put down their rifles and return to their own lines.

They are going to all be subject to a court martial and, if found guilty, they will be shot. The guys claim that, when they saw the light, they were suddenly elsewhere, one at his home, one on a freighter, etc.

The trial isn't going well, as to be expected. They are found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad.

The defense attorney is going to get some liquor for one of the men and is surprised by a German soldier who tells him he threw his gun away and had been walking for a long time. The German soldier tells him about some other German soldiers that were to be executed for cowardice after they had seen a light in the sky. The narrator later points out that over 1,000 men had seen something in the sky or sensed something and, for a while, refused to kill other people.

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