The Devil's Laughter

Episode 11, originally airing on March 31, 1959

This event takes place in 1895 in a prison near London. The guy is going to be hung soon.

The guy had strangled a woman to death because she was with another guy.

They are taking him out to be hung. However, when they try to hang him the rope breaks. When he wakes up he says no one there can kill him and the rope breaking wasn't an accident.

They get ready to try and hang him a second time. This time the trap door doesn't work even though they had tested it a couple of minutes earlier.

He ends up being released. He says when the hood was put over his face he saw how he was going to die and it wasn't by hanging, but in some remarkable way.

He says he's going to be killed by a lion in the streets. A guy tries to shoot him but the gun doesn't work.

He then gets into a zoo and starts taunting one of the lions.

He is chased by cops and falls down a flight of stairs, dying at the bottom right near a statue of a lion.

This was not that great of an episode. There wasn't any indication of what type of paranormal event was happening until half of the episode was already finished. I also think the guy playing the criminal overacted to the extreme. Not a very good or interesting episode, either.

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