The Return of Mitchell Campion

Episode number 12, originally airing on April 7, 1959.

Mitchell Campion is supposedly an "average" American male who happens to be living on an island near Spain.

He signs in to get a hotel room and the guy says that he remembers that he had left only a month ago, yet Campion says he's never been to the hotel. The waitress in the restaurant recognizes him.

He goes to a bar and is recognized there. A guy hits him. Later a woman recognizes him and then runs away, but somehow he seems to know her name.

He finds where the woman lives and she's quite upset with him over his leaving.

He has the hotel clerk check the records for a month ago, when he supposedly stayed at the hotel, and they can't find his name anywhere. He checks with someone else who looks at his passport and finds out that it was impossible for him to have been on the island a month previously.

He's shown a photograph which seemingly shows him, the woman and the guy he's talking to, but the photo was taken over a month previously. Campion explains that a month ago he was in a hospital in Ohio and had been for a month. He had been in a bad auto accident and was not capable of walking at the time. He was also unconscious.

He shows a couple of people the medical records that prove, without a doubt, that he was in the U.S. at the time he was supposedly on the island.

The older guy records the report in more detail and finds out that Campion had actually died for four minutes during the operation, before his heart was restarted. So he had temporarily died during the operation; his heart was restarted and he recovered, yet at exactly the same time he was supposed to be on the island.

From a paranormal viewpoint this is a very interesting case, especially in relation to both the physical evidence that is present and what is missing. The existence of the photo clearing shows he was there before; yet at the same time the medical records prove he was in the U.S. during the time he was supposed to be on the island, plus the fact that his passport shows he had never left the U.S. previously.

At the same time the hotel manager who was sure Campion had stayed at the hotel failed to find his name in the registration book. On the other hand, around a half dozen people at a minimum recognized him. There was no financial gain for him to lie, nor for the other people to lie. This would be one of the harder episodes to attempt just to explain away, other than a skeptic might claim none of it ever happened or everyone involved was lying in order to get newspaper publicity.

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