The Navigator

A neat display of ships and maps.

Some guy writes about keeping the Captain under surveillance.

Someone put a false course on the slate so the ship isn't going where it's supposed to be going. The ship ends up somewhere near ice.

The captain finds out the guy who is supposed to be the navigator is really a security officer investigating him.

They catch a stowaway on board. He's totally soaking wet. They find he has the chalk so he must have been the one to change the original course.

They hear someone calling.

Four guys from a shipwreck, one obviously dead.

The guy they pull on board is the same one they found as a stowaway.

They had manacled the guy belowdecks, but now he's gone. The floor where he was, though, is still wet.

The spy can't understand or explain what has happened, but the captain understands that it's just one of the strange things that happens at sea. The spy is not going to file a negative report against the captain after what he's seen happen.

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