The Secret

Episode 14, originally airing on April 7, 1959

The narrator starts by asking where someone named Slyvia Ackroyd is.

It's the woman's 40th birthday. Her husband's not very nice to her and he's going to be late from work that night.

She is going through some things in her basement and finds an Ouija board and says something about someone she must have once known. She takes the board to her bedroom and starts using it.

The (extremely nasty) made mentions Jeremy to the woman's husband and claims Jeremy visited his wife yesterday. Her husband questions her about who was there when she comes to breakfast.

After her husband leaves she seems to sense Jeremy nearby. He comes back later and gets mad at her since she went out to eat alone and was seen by people they know. She gets mad at him and slaps him.

The husband hires a private eye to follow her and report on her doings. The husband even apparently bugs her room because he has a recording of her talking to Jeremy. Apparently the ghost or whatever is even able to help her learn to play the piano.

She catches him listening to tapes of her talking to Jeremy.

She talks to him about the Ouija board. She tells him that she checked up on the personal information Jeremy had given about himself some years earlier and she found that it was all true.

He wants to put his wife in a nursing home or an asylum. He calls a doctor and a little later a man shows up to take his wife away. However, a short time after that another man shows up and this one is the real doctor, which leaves the question- who was the other man? Jeremy?

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