The Aerialist

Episode 15, originally airing on April 28, 1959

The show concerns a circus and aerialists, or trapeze artists, as they are known today. The two guys are father and son and they are having a fairly good argument, the father thinking people should behave they way they did in the "old country" and the son strongly disagreeing.

They main routine goes wrong and his father falls. He survives, but he ends up totally paralyzed.

His wife has the sensitivity of a rock, if that much, and they end up in an argument.

He quits the circus and looks for another job. His attitude, though, is not good at all.

His wife walks out on him.

He and his brother talk and the family in running out of money.

He's been off the trapeze for weeks now (at least), then he goes to use it alone.

The guy intends to fall on purpose, saying something like "Papa, now it's your turn to catch me" and apparently he does. The second trapeze is moving as if someone had been using it. The brothers talk to a nurse where his father is and she tells them that he had been asleep then suddenly reached out with both his arms, even though he was supposed to be totally paralyzed.

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