The Burning Girl

The show starts with the narrator talking about fires that were hard to explain. 1921 is the year given for the event in the episode.

It's a pretty good-sized fire.

The guy working in the store says some guys came in and then a couple of girls. The guys were teasing one girl in particular and suddenly flames shot up from the floor.

The teased girl is the one on the right.

Alice, the new girl, is worried the other girl thinks she's the one who started the fire. Alice seems to be scared of a lot of things. The main guy who teased her is a bully who's 18 and only a freshman.

Her father implies that Alice has 'spoiled' things before for them. Her mother is dead and her aunt lives there. It's obvious that her aunt doesn't like her.

He yells at Alice and accuses her of starting fires on purpose. (In all probability, it's a form of sudden release of psychic energy caused by extreme distress, similar to what causes poltergeist activities. The person has no conscious control over what happens and they are not doing anything on purpose.)

Her aunt may have a drinking problem.

The hate-filled aunt yells at Alice and tells Alice her mother was no good.

Alice flees after her aunt hits her, but ends up being jumped by the bully.

He drags her into a shack to rape her. She escapes, and the shack catches fire. The thug escapes the fire.

The two-bit aunt tells the fire chief that Alice has been setting fires on purpose.

There's a doctor there. Alice is delirious.

The aunt upsets Alice and the bed catches fire.

The aunt accuses Alice of being a witch.

The narrator goes on to say that Alice had grown up, married, had kids, and was happy and no more fires had started around her.

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