The Image of Death

He talks about something that happened in a French chateau in 1892.

The scene shifts to the start of a funeral. A guy's wife has died.

The guy then gets married again only four months later.

The woman talks about being from the nearby village and how she used to come to the house as an ordinary person.

She's angry that there's a painting of the former wife still hanging. She later tells the butler to take the picture down.

He sees something strange on the wall where the picture hung.

Later a stain (or something) on the wall looks like the outline of a skull.

Despite cleaning, the image seems to get larger and more distinct.

He's freaking out and reveals that the two of them poisoned his former wife. She orders the painting re-hung.

The object keeps changing.

He breaks down but doesn't actually confess.

The thing on the wall has changed again.

The new wife looks at the wall, screams and dies. The hot chocolate was poisoned and was to be drunk by the guy but he took only a sip.

The policeman looks at the wall but there's only a regular stain there now. The marquee was later executed for the murder of his first wife.

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