Night of April 14th

Episode 2, first airing on January 27, 1959

A woman has just woken up screaming from a nightmare in which she was drowning. Her mother tires to sooth her. The next day she find out form her husband-to-be that they are going on a sea cruise for the honeymoon on the Titanic.

The dream occurs to the woman a second time and she actually sees the ship sinking. They still ending up taking the voyage, however. Later we learn that other people have also dreamed or had visions of something being wrong with the ship.

A Methodist minister in Canada has a premonition and wants his organist to play a particular hymn that wasn't scheduled; it's the one with "for those in peril on the sea" for the church service.

An artist in New York feels compelled to draw a picture far different from what he was supposed to be working on. It's a picture of a ship sinking.

The ship does sink, of course, with the woman surviving and her husband drowning.

The narrator then makes reference to a fiction book published in 1898 which foretold the sinking of the a ship called the Titan in exactly the same way the Titanic sank fourteen years later. The book even said that it would be an April night when the disaster would happen. The descriptions of the length, speed and weight of the boats are very, very close matches.

One thing to remember- these shows are based on actual events.

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