The Inheritance

Originally aired Oct. 27, 1959

In a completely different turn, the narrator takes part in the episode itself. He's on vacation in Mexico and runs into a person that is interested in the same kind of stories as he is.

The guy starts talking about a woman that treated him "shamefully."

The woman has already shown that she's quite nasty. There's very late for a party and she doesn't care. She's also especially nasty towards her maid.

The nasty woman suddenly has trouble breathing.

The necklace is on the floor and in some incredibly bad stop-motion animation it moves. (Now, if the guy is telling the story of what happened when he was younger, and he was not yet in the room, how did anyone know that the necklace moved? The maid was on the phone talking to the police, the guy was outside, and the countess was apparently quite dead. There was no way he would have known that the necklace moved by itself.)

The guy and the maid at are the reading of the will. Everything is left to the maid; the guy is left thirty cents; apparently he had a woman on the side that the contessa knew about.

The former maid, now owner of the house, invites the guy over. She ends up coming on to him.

She puts on the necklace. Meanwhile, the guy is getting mad because he realizes she was the one who told the countess about his girlfriend. She also has trouble breathing and dies.

He tracks down his former girlfriend. She wants him to leave until he shows her the necklace.

She insists on trying the necklace on at least one time. The necklace tries to choke her to death also. Then he actually sees the necklace move.

At least in my opinion the idea of using the narrator in the story itself is wrong and distracts from the story enormously. As for the story itself, it's fairly decent, and the narrator talks briefly about another, very similar event, involving a necklace.

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