The Open Window (episode 29)

Episode originally shown on November 3, 1959

The introduction to the episode. It looks like this is going to be one of those that wasn't preserved very well.

The guy's an artist. He's not a very pleasant guy, either.

The guy can see into the apartment across from his. He watches as the woman talks to someone and starts to cry several times.

She closes the window, puts a towel in front of the door and turns on the gas, planning to kill herself.

He goes to the apartment to save her but there's no one there.

He returns to his apartment and finds the same thing happening over again.

He goes to talk to someone he knows about what he's seen. They think he was drunk and/or sleeping.

He gets back to his apartment and finds the swimsuit model there.

He starts to sketch the woman and hears things happening again.

This time the woman is really there and is really trying to kill herself.

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