Emergency Only

1915, November 14th, is the date assigned to what happened. It involves a British mortar unit fighting in World War I in Flanders. It was also observed by others no where near that location.

A simulation of the front lines. There are four French soldiers that were the first involved in the vision which was ultimately seen by thousands of soldiers. (One minor point. Let's see, they are in a middle of a fight and are in trenches surrounded by explosions and dirt, yet their headgear is perfectly clean and shiny. Somewhat odd, that.)

One of the soldiers talks about seeing a flare in the sky. They notice that there is no parachute attached to what they think is a flare, and that it just hangs in the same place.

Three of the men stare at the light, drop their guns and leave. The fourth guy looks at the light and also leaves.

A guy shows up later to defend the men who are being court-marshaled.

One guy says he was blinded by the light then found himself at his home.

A second man says he found himself on the deck of a freighter.

The third man tells about the changes he felt.

During the trial the sergeant says the flare lasted a long time and cast shadows on the clouds. The defense counsel tries to make a point of the men walking, not running, away, but the men are found guilty anyhow. They are sentenced to be shot to death.

The sergeant finally talks about what he saw.

The defense attorney encounters a German who has left his lines. He talks about ten German soldiers who were executed for cowardice with the same stories that were told by the four French soldiers. The lawyer takes the soldier to one of the judges and the judge orders the executions to be stopped.

He says that more than 1000 men say they saw or sensed something in the sky that night. The basic effect of whatever it was ended in the men not wanting to kill each other.

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