Message from Clara

The episode was originally shown on November 10, 1959

Some place called Jefferson High School.

One of the adults taking what would now be called a course in English as a Second Language.

He gives the teacher a gift.

The teacher is writing at the blackboard and suddenly starts doing automatic handwriting.

After class is over and the others leave she finds out she will still do the automatic writing at the board. The guy who gave her the present returns (he had run out of the class when she first wrote on the board). He recognizes the writing as being from someone named Clara who is now dead. He also offers to show her letters from Clara so she can see that the what she has been writing is what Clara would say.

She gets stopped by a policeman for running a red light. When he tells her she needs to sign the ticket she freaks out and ends up in the hospital.

Later she goes to the guy's apartment to see some letters he has from Clara. She leaves and goes to her own apartment and does more automatic writing.

The guys shows up at her apartment and says the handwriting has been a warning to her to watch out or he will kill her (the teacher) just like he killed her (Clara). He admits he killed Clara.

He attacks the teacher. He ends up collapsing and the landlady calls, the teaching telling her to call the police.

The narrator talks a little about automatic writing.

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