One Step Beyond: Reunion

The episode is missing a bit of the start and is in pretty bad condition.

A bunch of young guys are discussing something.

These two guys don't get along. German music is playing.

The guy named Peter is made at the woman who is going to be his wife. The guy named Hans seems to have a thing for her.

She says something about Hitler and he slaps her.

He smiles when he hears that German forces have invaded Poland.

They plan to meet again in a month to celebrate what they think will be the end of the war.

Peter stabs Hans just before he takes off on a glider flight.

Somehow the glider makes it over a mountain when it should have crashed into it. Later the other guys get back to the cabin and say they were unable to find Hanz.

Then there's a very brief history of the war and what happened to the guys in the glider club.

Apparently Peter and Helga got married. Now she wants to go to the reunion since the war is over.

At the reunion only one other guy shows up. Walking through a field they spot a glider.

As the glider lands perfectly Peter admits he murdered Hanz. Helga opens the glider door and finds the skeleton of Hanz inside.

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