The Stone Cutter

This is episode 34 and was originally broadcast on Dec. 8, 1959.

The narrator talks about a “stone cutter,” in this case being a person who inscribes on tombstones.

An extremely busy businessmen gets word that his father is dying.

He gets to Maine and his father seems to be in ok shape, yet both his father and his father's doctor says he will be dying that day.

The doctor shows the guy his father's gravestone. The stone cutter apparently can, at least sometimes, carve a stone with both dates on it before the person dies, somehow knowing the exact date the person will die beforehand.

The son refuses to believe the stone cutter's statement that he just carves the truth. He offers him money to phone his father and tell him it's just a lie, but the stone cutter stands by what he has on the stone.

The guy gets back from the stone cutter's and his doctor tells him that his father has become quite ill quite suddenly.

He and his father have a talk. (Not only is the video portion bad for this episode, but the audio is also; it's sometimes hard to hear what is being said and I'm constantly having to adjust the headphone volume and that still doesn't always work.)

The guy goes to the police to try to get them to do something to the stone cutter but the policeman says there is nothing he can do. While he's there he finds out his father died.

The guy then goes to strangle the stone cutter. While he's there he sees that the stone cutter has carved the guy's tombstone with the date he will die.

The guy was executed for the murder of the stone cutter on the exact date of death on the tombstone.

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