Make Me Not a Witch

This is episode 36 and was aired on 12/12/1959.

The story is about a 12-year-old girl who lives on a farm. (Unfortunately, this is one of the episodes that is not in very good condition at all.)

She answers a question before her mother (who is a rather nasty person) actually asks it.

She also manages to read her father's mind. He yells at the mother and says the girl “has the devil inside her.”

The next part has Emmy, the girl, going to a church and talking to a priest or minister. This part of the episode is incredibly dark and it's very hard to see what is going on.

There's some guy in the hospital who has had a paralytic stroke and can't talk and something about him seeing some children.

The priest shows up asking for Emmy's help. The parents are none too happy that she told anyone about what she can do. The parents don't want her to go and help.

She sneaks out and goes with the priest to the hospital. (This is rather odd, considering how opposed her parents were and how she turned to them to ask them what she should do.) What complicates things is that the injured guy thinks in Spanish and Emmy doesn't know Spanish.

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