The Hand

This is episode 37 and was first broadcast on 12/29/1959.

A jazz bar about 2:00 in the morning. (Again, as usual, the film quality is not good.)

Some guy is after the woman named Alma, and the piano player apparently also likes her. He follows the woman and the guy when they leave the bar.

She tells him he has a pair of “beautiful hands.”

She insults him (a lot, actually), and he picks up an empty beer bottle and he then proceeds to stab her with the bottle once he breaks it.

He goes to the restroom to wash his hands. After he does, the towel seems filled with blood even though there wasn't any on his hands.

The woman who was interested in him shows up at his apartment. His hand still seems to leave bloody prints on whatever he touches.

A bunch of the guys show up at his apartment to play poker.

He goes to a doctor who tells him there's nothing wrong with his hand, but he wants it bandaged anyhow. As the doctor puts on the bandage, though, he can see blood seeing through it.

He has to go to a court hearing. He breaks down when he's told to put his left hand on the Bible.

He confesses to killing the woman. After he signs the confession, though, his hand stops leaving bloody prints.

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