The Dark Room

Episode 4, airing first on February 10, 1959

A woman is looking at an apartment. She's a photographer for an American magazine and is working on a photographic assignment called "The Face of France." She's also not feeling well. They do reach an agreement where the older woman will look for people with distinctive faces and send them to the photographer.

After taking some pills for her headache she sees a shadow on the wall. A guy is there and she believes he is there to have his photo taken for the project. She starts taking photos of the guy (without flash?). When she talks with the woman who rented her the place she finds out that she did not send the guy for a photoshoot; she has no idea what the photographer is talking about.

The guy shows up the next night as he promised.

She takes a bunch more photos and then suddenly the guy goes crazy and starts yelling at her and then tries to kill her. She hides in the dark room and a policeman manages to get her out a very short time later but the guy has disappeared without a trace.

She finally remembers she's a photographer (duh!) and she should have lots of photos of the guy so one of the detectives goes with her to her apartment. She develops the photos but there is no one in them. The detective says he still believes her , though, and he wants to take her somewhere.

He takes her to a cemetery and finds a tombstone with a picture of the guy on it. The guy was executed for killing his young wife in the same house and same room as she rented.

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