Call From Tomorrow

This episode was broadcast on Jan. 26, 1960.

Some famous stage actress is due home that night (Elana Stacy?)

She arrives home. The guy is her husband. There's been some reference made to “something that happened,” and that apparently has caused a lot of concern about the woman actually coming to her own house.

He talks about some tragedy in the past that they can't forget, and mentions something about the woman's doctor.

Apparently they had had a child that had died, and that's the tragedy, or at least part of it. Apparently the woman had a mental breakdown when their daughter died.

Suddenly she starts hearing what is probably her daughter's voice.

Apparently he is producing a play and wants his wife to be in it,but she doesn't want to be, but she reluctantly agrees in the end.

She meets with her doctor after continuing to hear the voices.

The play is being practiced when a little girl walks in. The woman hears the voice again and rushes to the girl (who can't get out and is really calling for her mother), and the moment the woman leaves the spot she had been standing on, a heavy prop falls from above on the same spot.

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