Who Are You?

The dark-haired woman is trying to convince the sitting woman that she should eat something. The woman's name is Helen Mason. The narrator says she's been like that for three weeks, not speaking a word.

In a town ten miles away, a twelve-year-old girl (Laurie Warren) is dying from scarlet fever.

Suddenly the girl starts to talk. The doctor checks her and finds out her condition is now normal. She had been suffering from scarlet fever.

The girl wakes up but doesn't recognize her own parents.

The next day the girl wakes up, doesn't recognize the man and woman as her parents, and runs away.

A guy gives her a ride on a hay cart. She identifies a guy as Mason as her father, and the cart driver knows who the guy is.

The girl's name is Alice. When she gets to the house no one answers. She seems to know where a key has been hidden and uses it to get inside.

She goes right to her room. Then she hears her 'father' arrive and runs to greet him, but he doesn't recognize her at all.

We find out his daughter had been named Alice, and that she had drowned. The dog that came in the house and laid on her bed was Alice's dog.

The woman who hadn't spoken for three weeks suddenly says her Alice has come home.

He tells the policeman that his wife has started to talk and said Alice has come home. Meanwhile, the girl's actual parents are there.

Alice's mother gets to the house, looks at the girl, and breaks down and says Alice is dead.

The girl wakes up and recognizes Alice's mother as being her mother.

There's a problem, though, the next day when the girl awakes and looks into the mirror and doesn't recognize herself.

The girl continued to live with the Mason's as their daughter.

The woman is pregnant.

Suddenly the girl collapses.

When she wakes up she no longer recognizes the Masons.

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