The Lovers, Feb. 16, 1960, episode 44

The story takes place in Vienna. Apparently the story is going to involve a poltergeist, something (a spirit, perhaps mental force?) that can move objects.

Some guy asks a girl to go to a band concert with him. She wants him to meet some relatives that night.

Some guy shows up and tells the first guy about the death of an ex-postman and how that opens up a room at a club for him. The new guy tries to talk Otto, the original, out of falling in love with the waitress, saying he's too old.

The relatives are not happy at all to hear that the girl's would-be boyfriend is an older man who is retired.

Otto shows up to meet the relatives.

He gives her a gift (a statue, I think, but I'm not sure).

Just as they are about to kiss a book flies through the air.

They try to kiss again, and again a book flies through the air.

Suddenly the top of the phono opens and it begins to play a record.

The third time they try the phono opens and the record plays again. They start to wonder if there's a ghost present. The phono does the same even when they aren't trying to kiss.

She takes him into a different room.

A mirror explodes when they try to kiss in this other room.

They go out of the apartment and are somewhere else (the same building, I presume) and try to kiss and this time a bust floats overhead.

He goes to talk to a psychiatrist. (The episode has become a comedy by this time. And a female psychiatrist decades ago? I'm not sure there were many of them around, even in Vienna, decades ago.) He says they think it's a ghost, but the psychiatrist says that psychoanalysis has proven that ghosts are just another sexual problem.

She quotes from a book on psychic phenomena, telling him about poltergeists. (Now why, if she firmly believes there is no such thing as ghosts, would she have a book on psychic phenomena lying around her room?) Anyhow, she points out that the poletergeists are often set in motion by young girls in love.

He tells his friend what the psychiatrist said. A bunch of stuff begins happening while he's there talking about Elsa, the girl.

He starts to write a farewell letter to the girl, thinking that there is no way they can continue their relationship with all the poltergeist activity going on. His friend also keeps telling Otto that he's too old for love, etc.

While he's writing the letter Elsa shows up.

She doesn't want to give him up, though.

They kiss and the music starts playing, but they no longer care.

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