The Haunting, 3/8/1960

The story takes place at a house in England. The person who would have been best man died recently.

The story flashes back to an outing with the best man and the bridegroom.

A guy has had a skiing accident. He's the best man, but he's really nasty towards the groom, who is there to rescue him. The groom drops the rope and walks off.

The would-be best man dies. This scene is later, when the groom has returned home and is explaining what supposedly happened.

The groom is nervous and very jealous of his bride-to-be. He actually gets rather nasty to her.

During WWII he was a Spitfire pilot. He crashed and ended up in a mental hospital for a while.

They talk later. (The video is very, very dark at this point.) She thinks he wants to postpone the wedding. While they talk there's a major chill that the woman feels.

The next day a couple of brushes that the groom was going to use are ice cold.

The bridal bouquet suddenly is becomes frozen.

All the strange stuff going on is really getting to the groom.

During the wedding the chill is felt again (and the actor flubs his lines, saying “I will” too early and having to repeat it).

After the wedding. Every time he touches her she gets a horrible chill.

When he stands in front of a window, it fogs up. He ends up in another mental hospital and confesses what he did while there.

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