The Explorer, 3/15/1960

He introduces the episode by talking about various explorers.

This is the first episode I have seen that has an actual title on it. The place is the home of a geography teacher.

Somebody famous shows up. (The story seems to be taking place in Germany, possibly.) The guy says he knew the teacher's son who is now dead.

He talks about an expedition he was on in the Sahara. It went very badly wrong, and the guide was killed.

The expedition started with ten men and the guide. Seven men went back to base earlier. The guide is now dead, and their camel has run off. This one guy is nasty and says he's going after the camel.

They ride out a sandstorm in a tent. They went on for ten days. Then they encounter the guy's son. He tells them where they can find a well.

They find what appears to be an abandoned and useless well.

He drank most of the remaining water, thinking they were going to find a usable well.

The family doctor explains that Erik could not have met the explorer, since Erik was paralyzed and unable to walk.

The mother believes Erik's spirit did the exploring, even though his body couldn't. The physician tries to explain it away as a hallucination.

The doctor explains that Erik died of dehydration, even though he was in his own bed with water right by him.

Hanson looks at a picture of Erik and identifies him as the person he saw in the desert.

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