The Clown, 3/22/1960

Another very dark episode where it's hard to determine just what is going on.

Ok, this is strange. The clown is dressed up in a Nazi helmet.

He rides his fake tank for a few feet and then it blows up and falls apart.

A guy and I presume his girlfriend pull up in front of a diner. She wants to go see the carnival, but he is nasty and grabs her and pulls her inside. Meanwhile, a clown goes by.

It turns out they are married and are in a bar. This guy is really nasty, with a terrible attitude.

Another guy notices her and she basically flirts with him.

The clown comes into the bar/diner. The guy, her husband, has been really nasty to the girl.

The clown gives some people in the bar balloons. The husband tells the clown to go away, and then the clown goes and gives a balloon to the girl.

The husband goes to the restroom and the wife goes outside to talk to the clown.

She and the clown talk outside. He feels her hair. The husband comes along, grabs her and drags her in. The clown follows.

The husband takes a pair of scissors and cuts off a piece of her hair and gives it to the clown.

The scissors the husband took belonged to the clown. The woman runs out and goes into the carnival. The clown makes a move towards the husband and the husband flees, also going into the carnival. The clown picks up some moer of the wife's hair.

The wife wanders around the carnival trailers, followed by the husband and the clown.

She goes inside the clown's trailer.

The clown enters and gives her the hair her husband had cut off her. She cries and the clown finally gets her to laugh.

The husband enters the trailer and sees them together and slaps the woman around. The clown gets angry and pushes him away. It seems that the husband grabs the pair of scissors to attack the clown, but ends up stabbing his wife instead (although there is no blood or stab wound visible.) The husband leaves. Another circus performers enters shortly thereafter, and makes the assumption that the clown had stabbed the woman.

The husband leaves the carnival. He stops in front a store that has a mirror, and sees the clown moving to strangle him, although there is no clown there.

He goes back to the bar, and sees the clown's reflection in a mirror there.

The clown and the girl are in the trailer, and the wound is now visible.

The husband keeps walking and stops on a bridge over a small river, then sees the clown's reflection yet again.

This time the clown appears to be there.

The guy yells for help. A policeman comes along, but no clown is visible.

The police arrive and take the clown from the trailer, and the clown is soaking wet, even though the trailer had been locked and people were around it constantly. The narrator reveals that the husband was found guilty and put into prison for years.

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