12 Hours to Live


The narrator talks about different ways people have of communicating with each others.

A couple in a car is having an argument.

They get home but the argument continues hotly. He's a lawyer, and he accuses his wife of paying too much attention to a potential client. It's also indicated that the wife might have some psychic powers along the lines of mind-reading.

She slaps him and he leaves.

He parks his car on a hill and in the violent rainstorm it collapses, sending him and his car down the hill.

At the moment it happens his wife awakes, knowing something has happened to him.

He's in danger of drowning.

He calls to his wife and she hears him.

He calls for help and hears him again.


He sits up and bumps his head on the car and his wife feels that at the same time. Then he watches a loud plane go overhead and his wife hears it also, although it's no where near their house


It's still raining, although when the plane went overhead just moments before it wasn't raining at all.

She hears him one more time and this time calls his office and tells a guy there what she's been hearing, but he doesn't believe her at all.

She goes to the police and they, of course, don't believe her.

While she's there her husband looks at a place marker and she also sees it.

The policeman takers her to look for her husband.

The husband's not at the cafe and the cop and the wife drive away. A plane is shown overhead. It's a B-29 and it drops something like chaff behind it.


She tells the cop to stop the car and it's the spot that lets them find her husband.

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