I Saw You Tomorrow, 4/5/1960

The episode starts out in a house in England that is closed.

The narrator reveals that the house was owned by an American woman who locked it up and left it. The episode then goes into flashback about a weekend party. The guy gets led to his room and, while there, overhears a couple arguing.

He walks into the room and sees the man start to attack the woman with a fireplace poker or something like that. The house owner then comes in, and the guy from the other room turns around, then looks back and there is no man or woman having a fight there at all. The room is empty.

He goes downstairs to get a drink. While there, a woman comes in, and it looks like the one he had seen in the room above. A short time later the woman's husband shows up, and he is the man the other guy saw attacking the woman.

Donald, the guy from upstairs, talks to the host again about what he had seen, and how the couple matches the couple he had seen fighting.

When the couple comes down for drinks, Donald sees that the woman is wearing the same dress he had seen on her before during the vision.

Dinner goes badly when the guy overhears Donald asking to talk to his wife alone.

He gets even nastier and finally his wife slaps him.

Donald goes upstairs and hears the argument start again. He goes into the room, but there's only a maid there who tells him the couple has left.

The narrator explains that the husband did kill the wife, but one year later in the same room.

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