The Peter Hurkos Story, Part I, 4/19/1960

This is a rare two-part show for One Step Beyond. Some people think Peter Hurkos was a fantastic psychic and, as usual, the skeptics deny he ever did anything unusual.

The narrator starts by saying Hurkos had been tested by “reputable scientists” in various countries.

He then says a lot of psychic phenomena are associated with war. The episode opens with stuff about the Dutch underground, and Hurkos fleeing police. The film is in bad condition, extremely dark since the very beginning of the episode. It's so dark at times that I'm having to guess what I am looking at.

Some time during the chase he fell some fifty feet.

The doctor shakes hands with Hurkos and leaves. Then Hurkos tells the nurse that the doctor is going to be killed that night. No one, of course, believes him. In fact, after the doctor is killed a couple of people try to kill Hurkos in his bed.

Later, he's about to be discharged from the hospital, but he complains of hearing voices.

The landlady reads cards and says the same ones have been coming up for him consistently. At this point, the war is over and Hurkos is without a job. The landlady tells Hurkos that she will help him and that he is now a colleague of hers due to his abilities.

The landlady tricks Hurkos into getting on stage with a supposed psychic. Hurkos uses psychometry to get this reading.

Hurkos performs internationally for a while, then becomes worried that he's losing his abilities.

He's going to perform at a private dinner. He's given a cigarette case of the husband and says the husband is a traitor. The guy gets up, then collapses. The guy dies. It was five years later before objective proof was obtained of the guy's guilt.

The narrator then says that he will tell what happened during those five years, but when show returns after a commercial, the narrator talks about next week's show, which is part 2.

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