The Peter Hurkos Story, Part 2, 4/26/1960

The episode opens with the narrator noting they are doing a recreation of an experiment involving psychometry. Psychometry, by the way, is one of the most difficult of the psychic sciences.

There's a different opening.

The person doing the experiment says Hurko's average so far is 80% correct.

The second part of the experiment (and the episode is getting very dark here) apparently is involving trying to get Hurkos to “read” an object without touching it.

Hurkos is drawing the object that is in the box which he has not been allowed to touch. The box has something with “lines” on it, and he's trying to draw the lines.

The experimenter compares the object actually in the box to Hurkos' drawing of it.

The next experiment involves the use of a stroboscope (for some reason.) The scientist has a letter he got that morning which has not been opened. He wants Hurkos to tell him what is in the letter, even though he has not been allowed to touch it.

Apparently using the strobe light helped Hurkos, but the guy doing the experiment is upset (basically, angry), saying he doesn't understand why the strobe light should have helped, and he now is doubting Hurkos at the same time he's admitted he was accurate.

The guy wants to put Hurkos inside a Faraday cage. It's purpose is to block out any external electrical fields. Again, the episode at this point is so dark it's very hard to figure out what is going on.

The guy puts Hurkos in the cage. He has a set of objects in the cage, and it matches a set of objects outside the cage. The guy is going to point to a particular object, and Hurkos is to figure out which object the guy is pointing at and let him know. The narrator says that shielding Peter Hurkos in the cage actually increased his power enormously.

The guy wants Hurkos to work with a policeman on a case, but Hurkos says he doesn't work with anyone anymore, except in the lab, so the experiments continue. The guy is unethical, though, and tricks Hurkos into taking an object that the policeman had brought, and reading it.

He goes with the policeman to the murder site.

Hurkos examines the woman's care and gives the policeman more information about the murder and the murderer.

They check a number of hotels and Hurkos is certain they have found the right one, taking them to the guy's room.

While in the suspect's room, the guy shows up. He has ID giving him a different name, but Hurkos holds the guy's wrist and is able to tell more about him. They find the body of another woman that the guy murdered, and the guy finally cracks.

The real Peter Hurkos is on at the end of the show. The narrator says a paper on the experiments with Hurkos was presented at MIT.

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