Deila, 5/3/1960

The story takes place on a “small and obscure tropical island.”

This is one of the episodes that will have the narrator taking an active acting role in.

A guy introduces himself. Then he starts telling a story about something that happened.

The story is about a man named Wilson.

The guy sells a woman a couple of things he had made.

She buys Wilson a drink, and he gives it right back. The guy is really rude.

Wilson goes for a walk and finds another woman. The show is very dark, again, and again it's hard to tell what he's looking at.

They have a very strange conversation. She says she's dreamed of him.

She says something terrible is going to happen.

They have dinner? Again, it's very, very dark and very hard to see what is going on.

The guy says he wants to marry her. (He's been married twice before.) She says he proposed to her numerous times (I assume in her dreams, literally.)

He followed Delia to a room that she goes into and closes the door. He knocks, and a different woman opens the door. The woman says she has no idea who Delia is or where she is.

He gets the hotel manager (I assume) to let him check the other rooms, then returns to the room he brought her too. His attitude is very nasty towards the woman who actually is in the room.

Wilson then goes to the waiter, who says Wilson ate dinner alone.

The guy tells the narrator that a full investigation was carried out in an effort to find the woman, but there was no evidence any such woman had been there. He says Wilson went to St. Louis, where the woman said she was from, to try and find her. He even hired a private investigator, but they turned up nothing. Wilson then returned to the island. Either years previously he came to the island to stay and wait for her to show up.

He became totally obsessed with finding her and developed a drinking problem.

The guy explains how he had told Wilson about a week ago that the drinking would kill him, and he should just kill himself and get it over with. It turns out that is exactly what Wilson did. Although, actually, it could have been an accidental death from the description of what happened.

The following night, the guy was walking the same route Wilson had walked when he finds the woman.

The narrator offers a totally rational explanation for what happened.

Suddenly, Delia shows up and the guy introduces her to the narrator. The guy says that Delia told him that, when she was eight years younger, she kept having a dream about being on that island. The necklace from the Delia of eight years ago is a match for the Delia of that day and age, and, like the other Delia, this one says she had designed it. In essence, some dream form of the Delia from eight years previously had come to the island, met Wilson, left him a physical object that basically matched one from the future, and then no longer appeared on the island until eight years later when she showed up physically with a duplicate bracelet. One possibility is that the entire story is a lie. If it's not, then the story involves some form of time travel mixed with the dreamworld.

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