The Visitor

He starts off talking about time, saying there is only the constant 'now.'

A guy arrives at the house and calls for his wife.

Apparently she had hit some guy in a traffic accident and the guy was leaving the hospital that day. She was driving while drunk.

She tells him she doesn't want anything more to do with him.

The weather is really bad, he doesn't pay attention for a moment, and his car goes off the road.

Some guy shows up at the house and he looks like her husband, but some years younger.

He tells her his wife just had a baby girl. The baby died, though. He didn't really want a child, though. He was poor and was classified 1-A for the draft. He had suggested his wife get an abortion but she wouldn't.

The exact same thing had happened to her.

He admits he finally came to the understanding that he was happy his wife was having a baby.

Suddenly he disappears.

She finds a cigar wrapper from one of the cigars the buy had.

The doctor arrives and then the actual present-day husband arrives.

The husband wants to know what happened.

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