The Gypsy, 5/17/1960

Another episode with the narrator taking an active part. He was a much-liked actor, and when he was in an episode the ratings would go up.

He's at a prison talking to a warden about an 18-year-old car thief.

Guys taking a break from their job and talking in prison.

The guy on the left is a gypsy.

The gypsy talks about his life in the caravan. The guys in the cell are working on an escape plan. The young guy, though, is not going to be allowed to take part in the escape.

They make their break for it.

The rest, having gone through a small creek to throw the dogs off their scent.

Gypsy collapses, having been shot during the escape.

Two of the guys escape in a truck they steal. The youngest one stays behind with Gypsy.

Gypsy tries to talk the kid into going back to the prison and give himself up. Then he dies.

The kid buries Gypsy.

The kid gives himself up. He buried Gypsy under a tree that turned out to be very close to the prison they had run away from.

The kid talks to the guard and says Gypsy talked him into giving himself up, but the guard says that the Gypsy was killed during the escape, shot when he was climbing over the wall.

The narrator says that the two who stole the truck were killed when their truck smashed into a bridge.

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