House of the Dead, 6/7/1960

The episode is about a British soldier who is in Hong Kong.

The title of the episode is shown. They are at a place called the Street of the Cat.

Then it's back to the narrator. The guide had been talking about a blind man that you can ask a question of; he uses a stick to poke holes in a paper, and the child then uses a pencil to make sense of the holes, thus providing the answer to the question. Then it's flashback time to the previous night when the soldier was with a woman.

He tells the woman he wants to marry her.

She's reluctant to get married since she feels that prejudice against Asians will cause him problems somewhere down the line.

The building manager drops by to say goodbye to the officer.

She seems to change her mind and is now willing to go with him.

The next day he comes to pick her up, but she's not there.

The guy searches for the girl all day, then goes to the hospital where she worked. He only has three hours left before he is supposed to leave Hong Kong.

The officer decides to try the blind man's ability out.

The boy then does his part.

13 The boy draws what the blind man has indicated with his sticks. The blind man tells the officer that the girl is at the House of the Dead. The blind guy tells him there are hundreds of houses of the dead in Hong Kong.

He is supposed to be at the docks, but the rickshaw driver has taken him to another house of the dead.

She works there, apparently.

She agrees to go with him.

The dead person she is taking care of is the blind man. Just before he died he asked the woman if she truly loved the officer, and then he died. Basically, he was in the house of the dead, in the process of dying, the same time he was at his stall and giving a reading to the officer.

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