This was the sixth show, and originally aired on February 24, 1959.

Apparently a man has seen something and another man thinks he just saw a hallucination. The guy had been released six weeks earlier from a sanitarium for chronic alcoholism and had gone to talk to his wife who was getting a divorce.

He wants to get back together with her but she doesn't want to.

The mother and kid later explore an abandoned silver mine. (Why wasn't the entrance blocked?) He ends up doing something he shouldn't and causes a cave-in.

The mother appears and tells the husband that their kid is trapped in the mine. They go there and he tells her to get some help and a short time later two guys show up and help the father rescue his son.

The kid goes back into the mine and shows his father where his mother is trapped. The father sees her and then goes nuts, running out of the mine followed by another guy.

The doctor tells him his wife died instantly when the mine collapsed. The doctor goes on and on about how what he saw was an hallucination, but how does he account for the fact that the woman appeared to the two men who came to the mine?

Just as the Doctor and the guy finish their "talk," one of the men from the mine appears. He tells them he had heard a woman screaming for help and that's what caused him and his friend to come to the mine.

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