Goodbye Grandpa, 6/14/1960

By some railroad tracks where end abruptly.

A guy, presumably the “grandpa” of the title.

He says something about “it's her,” relating to something he supposedly heard. He dresses and runs outside.

A young girl who lives there. She has an even younger brother that she doesn't get along with.

It's a poor family. The father is somewhere away. The two kids really don't get along at all.

She keeps referring to her brother as a “sissy boy.” She wants him to toughen up.

He tries to convince her that there are some beautiful things in the world, even if everything around them seems, to her, to be harsh. It's revealed that the grandfather used to be the engineer's brakeman on a train.

Another day, Kelly, the daughter, gets back after being out. Her mother tells her that the grandfather has had a stroke.

He tells Kelly goodbye.

Later, the boy is upset since the grandfather died without saying goodbye to him.

Kelly is upset that the grandfather did not say goodbye to boy. (That's what the kid is always referred to; “boy.”)

Kelly hears the train and wakes up boy.

They watch the train pass.

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