Anniversary of a Murder, 9/27/1960

In a business buildings, noting the room number for a guy named Symmes (or Sims, or some variant of that spelling.)

Symmes, in his office, listening to a tape recording and some guy says something about “it's all black” and that he can't see.

The guy starts to remember things from a year previous.

He's out with a woman, but she's not his wife. A guy he knows sees them and thinks the woman is his wife.

She wants to break off their affair. She wants him to try and fix his own marriage.

While driving back with her, the guy hits a cyclist.

The kid he hit is saying he can't see, which is the same message left on the message machine a year later. Then the kid dies. The woman doesn't want him to tell the police. They leave he scene.

They come up with an alibi for the woman.

He then works on establishing an alibi for himself.

He finally notices that one of his headlights was damaged in the accident. He crashes his car on purpose into a pole or something (the film is too dark to see just what is happening), to come up with an excuse for the damaged headlight.

They keep seeing each other, and keep talking about the accident. The narrator is doing an unusually high amount of narrating in this episode.

He puts a new something (tape?) into the dictaphone, but it, too, has the voice of the guy he hit.

He has the woman come to his office and she hears the voice on the tape.

She runs off, and he drives his car somewhere. He sees a light in the road and swerves to miss it and hits a tree. The woman, meanwhile, turned herself in to the police. When the police listened to the tape, though, they did not hear the voice of the guy that had been killed.

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