Moment of Hate, 10/25/1960

Some woman is freaking out. The doctor gives her a sedative.

The woman later wakes up and the doctor talks to her about fear reactions.

She tells him that she was afraid that she would get so mad at him that she would wish he would die, and he would die. He talks to her and goes through her file and she seems to be a rich, very intelligent woman.

She works hard at controlling her temper, and says she's only really lost it twice, once three weeks ago in that house. She explains how she lost her temper, and someone died, the episode then going to a flashback.

She was at the office and was reading a letter to her assistant. The letter was to the guy in charge of the fashion place. In effect, the assistant had designs and went over the woman's head to get them approved.

The women walk out onto a balcony. The assistant apparently is in line to take over the woman's job. The assistant takes some steps backward when the woman says she hopes the assistant dies before the meeting with the head of the company, and the assistant falls over the balcony to her death.

The doctor says it was a coincidence.

The doctor finds out that the woman who died was actually dead before she hit the pavement from a brain rupture.

Then he finds out the guy in charge of the fashion group died the previous night.

He talks to the woman who does not know that Ross, the head, is dead. She talks about how she saw him on TV (it was taped previously), and got really, really mad at him.

He's going to hypnotize her.

She recalls an event from when she was seven. She got mad at the other girl who fell through the trap door entrance and died. He tries to convince her that what happened was only an accident.

He tells her Ross is dead and she blames herself.

He tries to get her to wish him dead to prove it doesn't work. In the process, he's probably violating almost every ethical standard doctors work by. He's yelling at her, grabbing her (not sexually), and succeeding in getting her mad at him.

She wishes she were dead, and she dies. Newland later talks about an experiment reported in Time magazine where some seeds were planted under identical conditions, except that one group was prayed over, and one group was cursed. The first group grew well, the second didn't.

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