To Know the End, 11/1/1960

The episode opens with some military guy questioning a woman about how some enemy knew the time and place of some raid.

Newland's narration reveals that the event took place during the summer of 1943 in England.

Then she talks about another woman, named Ann, who is from the U.S. This is a very poorly done episode at the start; they just jump right into things and there is no explanation of what raid they are talking about, or what this woman saw. It makes things somewhat difficult to follow.

Then, there's a flashback to 1939.

She's in a home in France near the sea. She is woken at night by flashes of light and what sounds like the sounds of a war going on. Suddenly her front door is open, and a wounded man is brought in. The one soldier notes the day as August 12. I'm assuming it's the 1943 referred to at the start of the show, but I can't find anything that ties in to a battle in France on that day which resulted in a major loss for the British.

She gets to the bottom of the stairs and tries to touch the wounded man, but her hand passes right through him, and then he disappears. The soldier had was saying that he loved Emily, and the woman's name happens to be Emily.

After her vacation in France, she returns to her job as a librarian.

A guy wants to check out some books, and it's the soldier she saw in her vision. She faints.

Later, he visits her at her residence.

Time passes. He has asked her to marry him, and she has told him about her vision/dream. He, of course, scoffs at it. She still agrees to marry him.

Their first August 12th was in England, and he was not yet in the war. The following August 12th, he was in the war, but was in Egypt.

Later he tells her that his company is going to be sent to France around August 12th. They are driving, and she grabs the steering wheel and the car crashes.

She's unconscious for a week. When she finally wakes up, a soldier is there and she finds out her husband is dead. It's now August 17th.

Then it's back to the interrogation session.

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