The Trap; 11/15/1960

Newland opens by describing the marriage of a couple of people, and how the guy seems to be getting along fine.

There's another short scene with the married couple, and then more narration. It seems to me that Newland is being used more and more in this season's episodes.

He had been snoring. Suddenly he wakes up screaming. When he becomes coherent he says he was not dreaming, but was suddenly somewhere else, and talked about Edna.

He lays down again and has another attack/vision. He says something hit him, and he could feel the pressure.

He has written a note to this Edna, but doesn't remember writing it.

She pours out a glass of water down the sink and the guy freaks out, grabbing her and yelling at her, asking her why she wasted that water.

He goes to work despite everything that is happening to him. He starts to freak out in the elevator, complaining about how small it is inside.

He goes home and lays down, then starts talking again about Edna and other things.

The doctor says that the guy is dehydrated.

Later that night she hears him gasping for air, and finds him in another room, writing something.

He gets even worse and is taken to the hospital.

A priest arrives to give him last rites.

The priest tells them he thought the husband was from the west since the guy had been using a lot of words common to the west. The wife says the guy has never been west of Illinois.

The husband spoke a name of a lawyer, so the doctor is calling to see if there is such a guy in Reno.

The scene shifts to some guy talking to Edna. The guy is the lawyer, and asks Edna if there is anywhere on the ranch where her husband could have fallen. She says there is an old mine shaft.

They find the guy.

Right after, the guy in Chicago seems to come around. It turns out the men were identical twins. They had been separated when only nine weeks old, given up for adoption when the mother died, so neither man knew he had a twin. He also gives other examples of things happening to twins.

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