The Dream

This is the 7th episode and originally aired on March 3, 1959.

Dunkirk, France, in 1940 when the British soldiers were withdrawing.

At a small center of some kind a group of older men, plus one younger guy, are involved in being lookouts against the expected Nazi invasion of England.

A group of Nazi infiltrators is trying to come ashore. Meanwhile one of the watchers goes to sleep and dreams of his wife, wakes up and goes to sleep again, and dreams of her a second time. He awakes just as a German soldier is coming into their watch area and he kills him with a pitchfork.

One of the watchers is killed by another German who is, in turned, killed by the watcher who has a gun.

The guy explains how the dream woke him up. He explains that in part of his dream he saw Nazi bombers hitting the nearby city where his life lives and he wants to go and check on her. The group leader says he can go.

He finds out that his house was bombed just as he dreamed it had been.

Things take a very interesting turn when he finds his wife is alive after all. Apparently she dreamed that Nazis were landing and going to attack and that no one saw them coming, which is exactly what happened.

If this had been the case only of the man's dream then the skeptics could tear it apart quite easily. The guy had been concerned about the village being bombed; this concern was in his subconscious also which caused him to have the dream of the bombing. But that can't explain his wife's dream about what was happening where he was, so it's a "double dream" experience and quite interesting because of that.

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