Tonight at 12:17; 12/6/1960

A couple. The wife is pregnant.

She tells him that the sound of a plane woke her up, although he says he didn't hear anything. She says the plane was flying very low, and it sounded like the motor was having trouble.

She notes the time. Then she hears the sound of the plane in trouble (sounds like a biplane to me). The sound seems to go on for a long time, longer then it would take for a plane to pass overhead, even it if were in trouble. The husband comes into the room and again he has heard nothing.

Another night, again at the same time, and again she hears the plane. She starts yelling that it's going to hit the house, runs out and her husband's there, and no plane.

She goes to a doctor who is as sympathetic as a rock. She's had six years of trying to have a child and it not working (a miscarriage is involved at least.)

He stays home from work one night to try and prove to her there is no plane.

The sound starts up, and a piece of plane wing falls through the ceiling; that is, it's what she's seeing. Her husband sees and hears nothing unusual.

She remembers the numbers on the wing, and the color of the wing. The husband agrees to see if there are any planes around that have the number she saw on the wing.

He calls local airports and finds out one of them has a plane with that number at the airport.

He goes to the airport and finds the plane.

He talks to the guy who owns the plane and finds out it's out of commission, undergoing repairs.

Somehow, the mechanic gets the plane flying and it's in the air.

The husband takes his wife to a hotel, taking no chances.

Suddenly, he hears the sound of a plane in trouble.

It crashes into the motel room where they were staying.

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