Legacy of Love, 12/20/1960

A rather strange opening to the episode.

The narration is about a star fish that has lost a limb. He then talks about the starfish regenerating from a lost limb.

A woman is going on a trip.

Somehow she ends up on the wrong train. It's the same place the guy at the ticket window first gave her a ticket to, then she said that wasn't where she was going.

The woman stares at some other woman's husband.

A taxi driver asks if she needs a lift, and she decides to go to a hotel. (Why didn't she ask him if he could drive her back to Boston, and how much that would cost?)

The guy, his wife and kid from the train are going to the same place the woman is going, the Seacliff House.

She is not really fully in control of her own actions; otherwise, she would have chosen to stay in a different hotel than the couple.

She changes clothes and stands on the cliff side; then the guy approaches. He says he's been there before, but she hasn't, although she says she has a feeling it the “second chance.” She also says she's engaged to be married in a month.

Then the both end up on horses later. She has hit a branch or something and cut her cheek.

They both start remembering the past.

That night they dance together.

His wife talks to him, trying to figure out what is going on.

He walks into a house, a woman sees him, and faints. It's the blonde woman's mother.

The mother explains that, before she got married, she went to the same place and met the guy's father. He was with him, but was just a kid at the time. The mother says that her daughter and the guy were somehow living out the woman's dream.

Newland talks about the possibility of genetic memories.

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