Rendezvous, 12/27/1960

The episode opens at a prison exercise yard.

In the apartment of a bachelor and a widow. The guy has made a record of his thoughts about her and plays it for her while he fixes a salad. He has tried to get her to marry him many times. He basically tells her that, if she doesn't give him a positive answer fairly soon, it might be over between them. She doesn't want to get married because of her dead husband. He was in the Navy, and is “presumed dead.” She doesn't think he's dead.

She tells the guy to leave her alone and leaves his place.

She sits on a bench and cries. (This part of the film is almost totally black, it's so dark.) Some guy sits on the bench and starts talking to her.

She gets up and walks away and he follows.

She ends up running away, and he runs after her.

She cries out for help as he finds her again. (The film is so black at this stage that I'm basically guessing on some of what is going on, using the sounds that are being made to try and figure it out. )

She goes to the police, but the guy doesn't really believe her. Apparently the guy had suddenly turned and run off (again, the film is so dark at this point I didn't see that happen.) The policeman tells her that a woman was attacked and murdered in that park the previous night.

He asks her to view a lineup of suspects.

I am somewhat confused here, although this may be a matter of different police procedures in 1960 than now. First, in the lineup, she is not behind a one-way mirror. The guy is able to see her when she identifies him. Then he's taken to an office and she's right there with him, which is something that I don't think would be done that quickly, although I might be wrong.

After first lying about not being in the park with the woman he finally admits that he was. Then he starts talking about the guy that was with her. He says the guy was a big, red-headed Marine.

He's arrested for the murder of the woman the previous night. The widow shows him a picture (of her husband) and he identifies the man as the one that was with her in the park and caused him to leave.

She's in the park again, and the bachelor comes up to her. She realizes now that her husband is really dead.

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