The Executioner, 1/3/1961

The episode is incredibly dark. It opens with Newland talking about some woods nearby. When I work with these scans I'll probably have to lighten them to the max. The year is 1862. Some of this I'm going to have to get from An Analytical Guide to Television's One Step Beyond by John Kenneth Muir. The images are so dark that I can't manage to lighten them up so they can be seen without the image being unusable. The Confederate soldier is caught by a Union soldier stealing food.

He's brought to a Sergeant.

The Union colonel questions the kid and finds out he's technically not even in the Rebel army, as they never signed him up or gave him any instructions.

The colonel sets the guy up so it will look like he's a spy.

The boy is put on trial, found guilty, and sentenced to death.

The captain knows what the colonel is doing.


e captain talks to the prisoner and is very nice to him. The general has been putting pressure on to capture a spy that is in the area, so the colonel has decided to kill the boy and thus give the general his “spy.”

The colonel shoots the dog, which has been howling all the time.

The boy is going to be executed. He hears his dog.

The colonel shows up to find out why the kid is not yet dead, and the captain tells him the boy is out of his mind and it's not right to shoot him when he's that way.

The captain refuses to execute the boy and the colonel takes over.

The dog appears at the boy's side, but only the colonel sees it. It then attacks the colonel.

They examine the colonel and note his throat has been torn out. Newland reveals that the boy spent the rest of the war in a prison camp, and the official cause of death for the colonel was listed as “brain fever.”

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