The Last Round

Episode 77: this episode starred Charles Bronson. and first aired on January 16, 1961.

Bronson is playing an American fighter who is going to be fighting someone in England. Apparently the Bronson character had an accident in the U.S. that was so severe he wasn't supposed to ever fight again, but he's going to fight anyhow because he wants some money to open a small restaurant in the States.

His manager knows about the accident and the manager of the other fighter comes in and he knows, too, then starts talking about a ghost that haunts the arena where the fight will be held.

The ghost is of a fighter who died during a fight at the arena and appears to fighters who are also going to die during their fight. The Bronson characters sees the ghost later. However, when Bronson and his manager confront the other manager, they find out that he admits he hired someone to play the ghost just to scare the Bronson character.

During the fight the Bronson character sees the ghost again. Both managers and the other fighter see him and a short time later they find out that it wasn't the actor since that guy had been drunk the whole time and never showed up.

This is during World War II and the Nazis stage a bombing raid with one of the bombs hitting the arena and killing the both managers and both fighters.

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