Dead Man's Tale, 1/17/1961

Port Williams in Canada.

Newland talks about the couple staying at the hotel, and how they are not in good financial shape.

The couple is basically broke. She finds a book in the hotel room. It's called “The Gold Miner's Handbook.”

He seems to be mesmerized by the book.

He's up in the middle of the night typing.

She starts reading what he wrote (her husband used to be a reporter), and he has no memory of writing anything at first.

He wanted to throw the story away, but she sent it in to a paper which published it.

A woman shows up at that door, the wife of one of the men in the story (both men in the story died.)

He says he made the story up. The wife is upset, though; everything in the story the guy wrote is true.

He works on tracking down the woman's husband and finds out the physical description of the area in his story is accurate.

He goes out on horseback and finds the cabin described in his story.

He finds one of the brothers chained to the wall.

He finds the mine described in his story.

He finds the other brother, dead. The only area where his story was not accurate was the final ending.

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