Lisa is aged 11 and a 'reluctant ballerina' as the narrator puts it. The year is 1901.

We find out her mother is dead.

The girl was practicing her turning around but she couldn't stop and saw the chandelier break loose from the ceiling and fall on her. It was obviously a vision.

She tells her father what she saw. The doctor thinks she's suffering from some kind of hysteria.

She sees the thing start to fall a second time.

The father has the chandelier checked.

In something that makes absolutely no sense at all, it's actually ten years later when he has the thing checked out. Why wait ten years? The logical thing to do was to have had the blasted thing taken down after the girl had her second vision. The whole episode basically falls apart at this point.


He wants her to announce her engagement in the room with the chandelier. It's a family tradition.

At a party people are talking about how they would want to die and Lisa, the girl, says she knows how she is going to die.

Lisa tries to overcome her fear of the chandelier.

Her fiancee makes her dance with him.

More years pass. It's now 1947 and her granddaughter is going to make her debut.

Her granddaughter was also named Lisa and, indeed, the chandelier fell on her and killed her.

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