Person Unknown, 2/17/1961

He's in Mexico City.

There's a lot of yelling going on and someone walking, but the video is so dark it's very, very hard to make any sense of what is being shown.

This is the guy that collapsed. They brought him into their house. The guy identifies himself as a doctor who was very close to the former president who was killed. He escaped from prison.

She says there's a ghost in the convent that they are in.

The man talks about something that happened a year ago after the doctor examines a huge hand print on the wall. He explains that the place was once an Aztec shrine. The hand print had been made, supposedly, by someone seven feet tall.

They walk around some more. A guy from the prison shows up.

Suddenly there's a strange breeze in the room.

Something attacks the guy from the prison.

The doctor is at a police station. (Why? Why didn't the doctor keep fleeing like he had been?)

The doctor wants to see the body to prove that he did not have the ability to kill the guy from the prison. The body, though, has been cremated.

The policeman is trying to convince the doctor that his mind has been playing tricks on him and that he killed the other guy but his mind is making him think a ghost did it.

Someone made a death mask of the murdered guy. The policeman sees that the doctor's hands are not as big as the marks on the death mask.

They have the doctor it actually happened to there in the studio.

The doctor verifies the events in the story. (The actual events happened years earlier which is why the actual doctor is so much older than the one in the story.) It's also interesting that the spirit/whatever was of someone around seven feet tall. There's a lot of interesting material on the Internet about the “giants in those days” concept and that, at some time in humanity's past, there was a race of people who were all incredibly tall.

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