Night of Decision, 2/21/1961

This episode is based on the vision George Washington had at one of the most dismal times of his life, and how it gave him courage to continue the fight against the British.

Soldiers sit around, griping.

George Washington. He gets a message saying that his troops will not be getting any supplies, and Washington says that there's an element in the Continental Congress that wants them to give up.

Washington is unsure of whether or not to continue the fight.

Washington goes outside and prays.

He sees someone.

It's a Shawnee chieftan. They had met in battle twenty-two years previously. All the other British officers were killed or wounded in the battle, except for Washington. The chieftan says the Great Spirit protected Washington. The chieftan soon disappears, leaving no footprints behind.

Washington talks to Lafayette. Washington tells him that the chieftan actually had died two years earlier.

Washington is considering resigning as general.

Washington has a staff meeting. He tells them he is now confident they will win the war.

Washington tells Lafayette about his vision. He saws he saw a vision of American growing in power and becoming a major force for good on the earth. His dream included an American running from Canada to Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, which was way more than was considered likely at the time. He also dreamed of the Civil War. References to this are easily findable on the Internet, and match what Newland talks about.

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