Episode 84, originally aired on March 7, 1961.

A policeman meets a man who asks him to follow. They go to a store and climb up some steps to the upper portion where the man points out to the policemen the dead body of a woman and confesses that he killed her.

The policeman is somewhat stunned and asks to take an official statement, but the guy has disappeared. The policeman goes in search of him and finds him coming out of a church service. A number of people, including the minister, can testify that the man was there the entire time.

This leads to trouble at the police station and the possibility of false arrest is mentioned. Later, the Police Commissioner talks with an investigator who has been called in, and who explains to the policeman that he could lose his job and his pension if he doesn't change his story. While they are talking, though, the same man shows up again and asks them all to follow him and instructs them to dig in a certain place. They find the murder weapon there and the guy disappears right in front of them.

The three go to the guy's house and find him there, asleep. Apparently his subconscious, feeling guilty over his murdering the woman, had somehow sent out a ghostly duplicate of himself in order to confess the crime and provide the necessary evidence.

The narrator says it's a case of "teleportation," but it seems to me it's more of a projection of a non-corporal duplicate of the individual than actual teleportation. In either case, it's an interesting story and somewhat unusual even in the world of paranormality.

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